Thursday, September 19

New Territory: Fearless

We’re all the way to verse 4 today, as we’re taking Isaiah 54 one verse at a time.



Isaiah 54:1-5



When you look at the big vision of where God might be taking you and realize the gap between what is (childlessness) and where God might be taking you (descendants that take over nations), the gap can be disheartening. And God knows that. So here we are at verse 4: don’t do it, don’t get disheartened, don’t be afraid. Functioning in risk is scary. So, He makes a promise to you--he won’t make a fool of you if you trust him.



Write down your fears today in a list form with space next to each one. Now, go back and ask God what he wants to say to you about those fears and write it down. If it’s scary to transcribe what you might be hearing from God, it’s a great first place to overcome fear.



Today’s reading is: Luke 2


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