big 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Next BIG Thing cost anything?
Nope. 100% free.

Should I come to a Crossroads site to participate?
NO! All Crossroads buildings will be closed when we go live. All you need is a phone or computer to see the stream.

So how do we participate?
The stream will be on the Crossroads Student Ministry YouTube page 7:30pm on Sunday, October 21. Get on there and subscribe. Just click on the video, watch, and participate as much as you want to. We’d suggest getting a group together an hour before and hosting a little NBT party (with snacks, of course). That’ll be the best experience.

Do I have to sign up for anything?
No, but if you want the best possible NBT experience (and maybe a better chance at winning something), consider getting in a group.

How do I stream? By myself or with people?
Do you have some friends you’d like to hang with Sunday, October 21? Then, they should be your group for NBT. Find out if one of your parents is cool with hosting. They can either stream from one device, or you can each stream using your own phone. You definitely want your phone nearby as there will be lots of ways to engage digitally.

Do I have to do anything during the stream?
No, you don’t have to do anything. But you’ll have lots of opportunities to influence what happens in the stream. (HINT: You’ll probably want to.)

Is this like BIG?
We think it’s better because you don’t have to come to a building. In fact, if you do show up at a building, you’ll be really lonely, because all Crossroads buildings will be closed.

Can I stream if I’m not in 6-12th grade?
Yes, you can. But only students in 6-12th grade are eligible for prizes and giveaways.

Can I win if I just watch and don’t participate?
Two words: Un. Likely.

Where are you broadcasting from?
From an undisclosed location 3 miles underground. I’ve said too much already. You’ll watch on YouTube, so subscribe now.

How do I keep updated on this thing?
You’ll wanna follow us on Instagram. And you’ll wanna subscribe to Crossroads Student Ministry on YouTube. We’ll also post stuff on Facebook, especially so parents can know what’s going on.

What if I need some help creating my YouTube account?

Check out these links:       Desktop               iPhone                 Android 

If my student is under 13 years old, can they set up a YouTube account on their own to participate? 

NO! They will need you or someone over 13 to allow them to login and participate. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rules, not ours. 

So, it sounds like I need to follow Crossroads S|M on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube?
Feels like you’re catching on. Sweet.

Think you might let students stream at your place?
Check out some pro tips for hosting.

Still have questions? Email