Camp Reunion FAQs

Will there be food provided?
There will not be food provided. This reunion is BYOE-Bring your own everything. Including a blanket, chairs, drinks, corn hole set and other outdoor essentials.

Will there be bathrooms?
Yes! We will have the most average (and clean) port-a-potties that money can rent!

How far will I have to walk?
As far as you want! Kind of. There will be hundreds of tailgaters lining the main road, so feel free to wander up and down the road, admiring all the amazingly decorated tailgates and socializing with your friends. Just don’t wander off into the woods.

Can I bring my dirt bike or off-road vehicle of choice?
Short We ask that no off-road vehicles be brought so we can preserve the land. Plus, the more exciting the toy that you bring, the more kids want to play with it. And kids break everything.

Is this in a field or in the shade?
Most of our public space for this event is out in a field, some smaller areas are covered by trees, so plan to wear your sunscreen if it’s a hot day.

Hugs for everyone!?!?
Our staff will be equipped with face masks and will be doing our best to encourage everyone to maintain proper social distancing.

Can I bring a pet?
Although we love your dog and pet parakeet, not everybody who attends does. There is a lot of land for animals to run away and get lost on. Humans only please. Exceptions for service animals.

Can I bring my old Jarts set?
With kids running around, it may be best to stick to corn hole sets, footballs and frisbees.

Am I able to stay afterwards and camp with my family?
Due to state restrictions, we are not able to have groups of people camping at Base Camp yet.

Are we able to fish in the pond?
With no camps happening, we have the opportunity for a lot of work to get addressed around Base Camp, including draining the pond for some upkeep.

How do we get there?
The address for base camp is 420 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road, Felicity, OH 45120. Allow for 5-10 extra travel minutes to make it up the driveway to our Reunion location. 5 mph!