A Kids' Club Guide to Baptism

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What is Baptism?

We are so excited your child is thinking about getting baptized because it’s a big deal! Baptism is how they’ll announce to everyone that they follow Jesus because they believe he rescued them. If your kid is asking about baptism, watch this short video with them to help explain what it is.

Baptism | God's Story

Baptism is when we publically declare that we're ready to follow Jesus–but there's more to it than just getting dunked in the water! Check out this video to see what it means for us.

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Is my kid ready?

How to talk to kids about baptism

Our goal is for kids to experience God and grow in their faith. Here's how to talk to a kid about taking a super important and exciting step in their lives–baptism!

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Next Steps

If your child is ready...

If your kid is ready for baptism, they should be able to tell you who Jesus is, what it means to receive Him as our rescuer and king, what baptism is, and why we do it. If they can and still want to take that step, you can register them for an upcoming baptism service by completing the online form at crossroads.net/baptism.

If your child is not ready...

If your kid is not ready for baptism, use this discussion as an opportunity to talk more about Jesus and how he rescued us. Remember, there’s no right age or action to show your kid is ready and it does not have to be done before a person starts following Jesus.

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If you are interested in baptism, email baptism@crossroads.net and someone will contact you with next steps!