Community Baptism

K-8th graders

It’s an exciting time when kids start asking questions about baptism and who Jesus is. (Click here for tips on talking to your child about baptism and Jesus.) Kids begin asking questions about baptism for many reasons. Asking follow-up questions will help you determine if your child is just curious about baptism or if they have made a conscious decision to follow Jesus. If your child has decided to become a friend with Jesus forever, we would love for them to participate in a baptism celebration service.

To register, click on the correct Crossroads location below. Once you’ve submitted the registration form and the personal story sheet below, we’ll be in contact with you about next steps.

We always like to share what God is doing in our community. In the event we publish your story, we’ll edit out names, correct grammatical errors, etc. It’s such a great way to speak to others who may hear a prompting from God, as you have, to be baptized. Thanks for sharing your story with us.