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The Adventurous Life
Living Life to the Full

We all want adventure. We were made for it, designed for it. But, adventure is not just about thrill-seeking, high octane activities. When it comes to our life, if we allow God to pick our adventures they always end up better than we can ever think or imagine. Get equipped, get a guide, your adventure begins here.


Back in ‘95, eleven people got together to start a church for their friends who didn’t like church. Today, Crossroads is a movement of people meeting all over the country in person or digitally —and it’s just getting started. No memberships or awkward hand-holding, just unfiltered talk and biblical truth that’s a kick in the assumptions.

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In This Series

34 mins 10 sec
How to Choose Adventure  | Week 1

How to Choose Adventure | Week 1

The Adventurous Life

29 mins 32 sec
Why You Need a Guide | Week 2

Why You Need a Guide | Week 2

The Adventurous Life

34 mins 16 sec
How To Fight Well | Week 3

How To Fight Well | Week 3

The Adventurous Life

37 mins 39 sec
What Are You Afraid Of? | Week 4

What Are You Afraid Of? | The Adventurous Life Week 4

The Adventurous Life

35 mins 51 sec
Make an Impact | Week 5

Make an Impact | The Adventurous Life Week 5

The Adventurous Life

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Get a guide for your adventure

No one can live an adventurous life alone. A guide is someone who will get to know you and help you identify the next place for you to take steps towards growth. It’s not one-and-done. Your guide is your go-to for questions you have, and will connect with you regularly to see how things are going, pray for you, and encourage you on the adventure God has you on.

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Read, reflect, connect, pray. Spend some time in meditation. The app will start your day off right.

“Let me coach you through my daily spiritual workout. It is the secret to the strength of my life.”
- Brian Tome, Crossroads Senior Pastor

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Texts to get inspired & challenged

Looking for reminders to get inspired and challenged, text ADVENTURE20 to 313131, and we'll send you a few texts a week to help you on your journey.

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People are available now to talk to, listen to you, & pray with you.

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Ways to Watch

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Available starting at 5pm EST on Saturday

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The Crossroads Anywhere App

Watch from anywhere on your smart phone. Available starting at 5pm EST on Saturday

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Other Streaming Platforms

Turn off Netflix for a bit and dive into the series starting 5pm EST on Saturday.

Apple TV (version 4)
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National TV

Go old school. Watch through your cable TV provider or with rabbit ears.

Cincinnati, OH
WCPO, Sunday: 11:30am-12pm

Cleveland, OH
WEWS, Saturday: 7-7:30pm

Columbus, OH
WSYX, Sunday: 11:30am-12pm

Dayton, OH
Sunday: 8am on WBDT (CW)
Sunday: 10am on WDTN (NBC 2)

Indianapolis, IN
WRTV, Saturday: 10:30-11:00am

Lexington, Richmond, & Georgetown, KY
WLEX, Saturday: 7-7:30pm

Nashville, TN
Fox 17 – WZTV, Sunday: 11-11:30am

Kids' Club is talking about Jesus, too!

Your family can enjoy fun Kids’ Club experiences this month about how Jesus was once a kid and how He came to Earth to rescue us.

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Crossroads Locations

Connect with your community pastor, find your people, get support, prayer and ways you can make a difference where you are.

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