Adoptive and Foster Parent Group

These are gatherings for parents experiencing the joys and challenges of foster, adoptive and kinship parenting. We focus on a variety of topics including parenting, adoption & foster care and personal growth. As we share stories, encouragement and practical training, our desire is that parents leave feeling more equipped and encouraged as they lead their families. Childcare is available in Kids’ Club for infants through 5th graders, with one week advance registration.

Oakley Adoptive and Foster Parent Group

Location: Crossroads Oakley 3500 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Date: November 12, 2019, 6:30-8pm

Topic: FAKS Oakley Community Fun Night!

Join us for a lighthearted gathering to celebrate and reflect upon the year’s successes and joys. Yummy appetizers and desserts will be served (yep, free food!) for all our awesome parents attending. We will do a brief review of the topics covered this year and then there will be plenty of time to visit and play games.

This is a great night to invite other adoptive, foster, kinship and safe families (and make sure they register). Come relax, refresh and nourish yourself with food and fun! Pizza will be available from 5:45-6:15pm for kids before you check them into Kids’ Club.

Sign up to attend the Oakley group and RSVP for childcare (infants-5th graders) at least one week in advance HERE.


Video Teaching: Crossroads did a series, Powerhouse, on family. One week was specifically about parenting. Many of the ideas shared were from some of our favorites, Beth Guckenberger, Karyn Purvis and Jayne Schooler. While many of the strategies were developed to help us better respond to and connect with vulnerable kids, these methods are great parenting methods for ALL families. You can check out the service with Chuck Mingo and Kim Botto HERE.

Parenting Articles: HERE is a great article written by Vicki Diller, Parenting: What’s the End Goal? HERE is a full list of articles, many on family and parenting, written by those in our community. Lots of great insight.

For info on upcoming events, check our facebook group. As this is a closed group, you must be approved to join. Please check your “other” facebook messages so we can contact you.

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