Adoptive, Foster, Kinship Parent Speaker Series

We are bringing the Mason series to West Side to help bring healing, connection and hope to families parenting kids through adoption, foster or kinship situations. This winter we’ll be starting our speaker series with a video series of speakers including Karyn Purvis, Jayne Schooler, Dr. Wendy Flowers, David Schooler and others. If you’re parenting a child from a hard place, you’ll gain practical tips to help your child and family move toward healing and wholeness. Join us! Please click HERE to sign up for the group and childcare.

West Side Adoptive, Foster & Kinship Parent Speaker Series, beginning January 2018:

Jan 11: Changing your Expectations & The Power of Yes
Jan 18: Learning How to Reparent & Approaching Food & Sleep Issues
Jan 25: Helping your Child Re-Connect & Building a Support Network
Feb 1: Validating your Child & Dealing with Lying & Stealing
Feb 8: Planning to Win & Understanding & Understanding the Impact on Biological Children
Feb 15: Disarming Difficult Behaviors & Investing for the Future, Preparing for Adulthood

Location: Crossroads West Side, 8575 Bridgetown Road Cleves, OH 45002 - Meeting Room D (6:30pm-8:30pm)

For info on upcoming events, check our facebook group. As this is a closed group, you must be approved to join. Please check your “other” facebook messages so we can contact you.