The Future of Crossroads: Two Big Announcements

The church was never designed to be limited to buildings; to need 95 decibels; to need paid professionals. Look all over the world and history, you’ll find people of faith that have thrived and grown without haze, free coffee, or a parking team.

We have two big announcements about the future of Crossroads. Watch the video below or keep reading.

Big news #1: Crossroads will not be meeting inside any buildings until 2021. But the movement of God isn’t stopping, far from it. Instead, it’s ramping up.

Since quarantine started, Crossroads has enabled the collection and distribution of over 21,000 face masks, many of which were sewn our community members; 92,000 pounds of food to people in need; delivered 4,000 meals to vulnerable children; provided 3,500 snack packs in partnership with schools, and more.

God is using us, and He’s doing so without the normal things we’ve used in the past. It’s fresh, exciting, and lives are being impacted for eternity.

If God’s moving, why are we keeping buildings closed? Four big things went into this decision:

  1. We have a responsibility to the people in our communities. There are people who would be getting the virus if we opened up. Statistics are very clear, people would be harmed.
  2. Opening with restrictions (30% capacity, no Kids Club, masks on musicians) makes for a crappy experience.
  3. We’ve studied other churches who have opened with restrictions, and the results are very mixed. Every pastor I’ve talked to has said, “I’m not sure we made the right decision in opening.”
  4. We’re having breakthroughs as a church in the digital space that I don’t want to cut short. In fact, Crossroads was just recognized by the Harvard Business Review for creating first in class digital worship experiences.

But there is something that happens when we gather. Many of us experienced that at the Unified Cincinnati Prayer Walk, and it put a new burn into us.

Big news #2: I’m thrilled to announce that starting this weekend, Crossroads will be hosting a Sunday morning experience, in person, at Yeatman’s Cove in Cincinnati.
We’re calling it Worship at the Cove. More info at

This is an outdoor venue that will allow us to social distance. Masks are required. It’s BYO-everything, including lawn chairs or blankets. What can you expect? A no frills experience with God built around live worship and classic preaching. If you’ve experienced a Crossroads camp, it will be something along those lines.

There will not be coffee. No ushers. No program. No offering bags. No streaming or digital presence. Just people gathering to turn their attention to God, as the church has done since its inception.

We’ll begin with a month-long trial of weekends and make decisions about how to proceed after that. Parking at Yeatman’s Cove will be free.

This is one of the most exciting times to be part of Crossroads because you get a chance to restart the church. We’re focusing our eyes and attention and effort on moving forward. There will be a time we gather in buildings again, but we aren’t going to sit and twiddle our thumbs until then. We’re moving forward. We’re restarting a church in our current reality. We’re restarting a church with the vision we have. We’re restarting a church with you, to reach people you know and love who need the hope of Jesus.

Our digital weekend experiences will continue, but for those looking for something physical, gatherings at Yeatman’s Cove are starting this weekend.

At Crossroads, we are aggressive and we are adaptable, and we continue to be a place that connects seekers to a community of growing Christ-followers who are changing the world.

I’ll see you on Sunday.

In His Grip,