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It’s the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the life change that we experience around here. Get answers to common questions that we get about giving.

Giving FAQs


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E-gift is an easy way to give directly from your bank account or credit card.Learn more or sign up for E-gift.

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Give to Crossroads

It’s the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the life change we experience around here.


We follow three core principles in the handling of money: (1) bless people, (2) base our budget on what we think God wants, not on what we think we’ll get and (3) money is a tool for a church to use and therefore should be spent, not saved. (We believe these things strike at the heart of how God wants money to be used, as seen in the Bible.)


One Time Gift

A good way to start giving.


Setup / Modify E-gift

Simple, electronic, (and if you want) automatic.


Mobile Giving

Learn how to give quickly and easily on your smartphone.


Stock Transfer

Often with tax advantages. We’ll talk it through with you.


Estate Giving

If you want to give your stuff.


Give Your Stuff

Post needs, FREE items, events and job opportunities only. 


Give A Car

Provide a car or your time, and meet transportation needs in our community.


Giving FAQ

Answers to common questions we get about the Big Green.


If you have questions about giving, you can check out some answers to frequent questions, read about our financial philosophy, or just drop us a line.