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Meet Kristen

"It’s a great feeling to serve
others who are less
fortunate in our city, and
it’s what God calls us to do."

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Small Groups

We believe small communities can have a big impact on your life.


Small Groups are just that—gatherings of six, ten or so—for getting comfortable, investing in one another, changing. Some small groups discuss books. Some choose to study the Bible or serve together. Others desire simply to know each other better and share their lives. We provide groups with some resources, but what they do and when they meet is up to the group.


Looking for a small group to join?

Check out the Small Group online tool; you can look for a Small Group that fits you, or volunteer to start your own.


Already have a small group, but need some help?

Download our 5 Elements Study Guide for small groups. The 5Es is a tool designed to educate small groups and facilitate conversations about creating and maintaining a thriving small group. Designed for new and existing groups, this great, quick study also provides suggested next steps for your group.


Find a Small Group

An online tool for narrowing down your search, and seeing what groups are out there.


Start a Small Group

Can’t find a small group that meets your needs? Consider creating your own group.


Small Group Resources

Check out these study materials and tools for your small group. The best place to start is our 5 Elements Study Guide.