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Meet Kristen

"It’s a great feeling to serve
others who are less
fortunate in our city, and
it’s what God calls us to do."

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Connect and grow.

Ongoing groups are open
to anyone, anytime.

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If you just got engaged, first of all, congratulations!


We’d love to partner with you as you begin to build a strong foundation for your lifetime of marriage. We aren’t about just doing weddings here—we’re about building into marriages. For that reason, anyone desiring to get married in Crossroads’ chapel or by a Crossroads pastor will need to be a part of our wedding process. This is a fun and engaging process that will provide some necessary tools for a healthy marriage.


We believe that marriage is a sacred covenant established by God to teach two people to love each other with God’s kind of love, for better or worse, for a lifetime. It’s not a 50-50 proposition, but a 100% commitment by both people to love and serve one other. Crossroads will marry two Christ-followers, OR two people who are not Christ-followers but have similar spiritual desires, but we won’t marry a couple where only one person is following Jesus. This is based on what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:14-16, and also on experience that has shown there can be great tension caused by a couple not sharing a common spiritual foundation. Also, at least one member of the couple must have attended Crossroads regularly for at least six months, and considers this place to be their “home” church.


So here are the necessary steps to get started:


1. Request a Date by emailing Emily Shinkle. This will get the ball rolling for Steps 2-5.

2. Get Started on the Work

3. Meet your Wedding Pastor

4. Tour the Chapel (if onsite)

5. Get Married!


Helpful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up for Building Blocks for Marriage Premarital Class

Marrying Pastor FAQ

Chapel FAQ

Resources for vows and sample ceremonies