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Thanksgiving Food Drive

God says to serve the poor. So we do. 


We believe that helping those in need is a core part of who we are and who God wants us to be. So we do it in a big, big way at Thanksgiving. We’ve ordered 12,000 boxes this year and we’re expecting God to show up through your unprecedented generosity.


We’ll be giving out two kinds of boxes during weekends services on November 7-8 and 14-15. One box feeds a family of 10 locally and the other is for bulk food for South Africa. You’ll fill up your boxes and bring them back to your site the weekend of November 21-22 at a big ol’ party in the parking lot or nearby.


We give the local boxes to churches across the region so they can be a blessing to folks in need. We also send 3 shipping containers of food to our partners in South Africa: Grace Bible Church and Topsy Foundation.


All serving roles are currently filled!


Box pick up key dates

At all sites in the Atriums this week 7am-8pm.


Box return key dates and times

All boxes must be returned ONLY during the weekend of November 21-22 during these times. Sorry, we cannot accept them any other dates and times.

Saturday, November 21

Florence 4-5:30pm

Mason 3:30-6pm

Oakley 1-6pm

Uptown returns to Oakley

West Side 4-5:30pm


Sunday, November 22

Florence 8-11am

Mason 7:30-11am

Oakley 7:30-11am

Uptown returns to Oakley

West Side 7:30-11am


Lost your shopping list for your local box? Here it is:

Local boxes contain a complete Thanksgiving meal for 6-10 people:

- 1 F-R-O-Z-E-N turkey, 12-18 lbs

- 5-10 lbs baking potatoes or sweet potatoes

- 1-2 lbs carrots

- 2-3 cans corn

- 2-3 cans green beans

- 2-3 cans peas

- 2-3 cans peaches

- 2-3 cans pineapple

- 2-3 cans fruit cocktail

- 2 boxes Stovetop Stuffing (or equivalent)

- 2 cans of canned cranberry sauce

- 1 package gravy mix

- 1 package dinner rolls or bread mix

- 1 package cake mix or dessert mix

- 1 Kool-Aid or lemonade mix

- 1 container ground coffee or tea bags

-1 large disposable roasting pan (for the turkey)


Please make sure your turkey is frozen. Seriously. You should be able to bowl with it.



NO fresh, bloody turkeys (ick) – we MUST have frozen turkeys

NO items requiring refrigeration especially pies, eggs, milk and butter

NO alcohol


Lost your shopping list for your South Africa box?

Check out the sticker on your box and fill the box with ONLY those exact items and quantities.


Need some turkey love right now? Watch the 2014 recap video below.