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Thanksgiving Food Drive

God says to serve the poor. So we do. 


Every year, we collect food–lots of food–and give it to our partners locally and in South Africa so that they can bless those in need. We’ll be in the Atriums giving out boxes after the services during the weekends of November 9-10 and November 16-17.


On November 23-24, we’ll collect boxes before the services in and around our three sites. All serving roles at all sites are full for box collection next week. 


Pick up a box, fill it and bring it back:


When you pick up a box in the Atrium, we’ll include specific shopping lists with the boxes to make filling them correctly easy and fun. Just in case you lose your lists, here they are:

Local boxes – a complete Thanksgiving meal for 6-10 people


- 1 F-R-O-Z-E-N turkey, 12-18 lbs

- 5-10 lbs baking potatoes or sweet potatoes

- 1-2 lbs carrots

- 2-3 large cans corn

- 2-3 large cans green beans

- 2-3 large cans peas

- 2-3 cans peaches

- 2-3 cans pineapple

- 2-3 cans fruit cocktail

- 1 large jar applesauce

- 2 boxes Stovetop Stuffing (or equivalent)

- 2 cans of canned cranberry sauce

- 1 package gravy mix

- 1 package dinner rolls or bread mix

- 1 package cake mix or dessert mix

- 1 container Kool-Aid or lemonade mix

- 1 container coffee or tea

- 1 large roasting pan (for the turkey)


Please make sure your turkey is frozen. Seriously. You should be able to bowl with it.



NO fresh, bloody turkeys (ick) – we MUST have frozen turkeys

NO items requiring refrigeration especially pies, eggs, milk and butter

NO alcohol


South Africa boxes – bulk food items:

Your shopping list is taped to your box. If you lose your shopping list, look at the stickers on each box. Buy only the exact items listed on the sticker on each box. We must have only these items to pass our customs inspection. Any item included in the box that deviates from the sticker cannot be shipped and that would just be sad.


SHOP EARLY! Many stores, especially the stores closest to Oakley, run very low on quantities close to our box collection dates. 


Box collection dates and times:

Florence - Saturday, Nov 23, 4-5:30pm and Sunday, Nov 24, 8-Noon. 

Mason – Sunday, Nov 24, 8-11am. 

Oakley – Saturday, Nov 23, 2-7pm and Sunday, Nov 24 7:30-11am. 


In need of assistance during Thanksgiving? While Crossroads does not have a Thanksgiving food program that is open to the public (all boxes have already been distributed to pre-designated churches and charities), we do help host a meal on Thanksgiving Day called Fall Feast and all are welcome. Doors open at the Duke Energy Center at 5th and Elm Street in downtown Cincinnati at 10am for free services including: a wellness medical clinic including flu shots, vision screening, and haircuts. Free coats for men, women and children are also available. A fantastic meal accompanied by live music is served from 11am to 2pm. 


For food assistance in general, FreeStore FoodBank is always the best resource to contact first and they can be reached at 513-241-1064. 


Need some turkey love right now? Check out the sweet 2012 kickoff video here.