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Thanksgiving Food Drive

God says to serve the poor. So we do. 


We believe that helping those in need is a core part of who we are and who God wants us to be. So we do it in a big, big way at Thanksgiving. We’ve ordered over 11,000 boxes this year and we’re expecting God to show up through your unprecedented generosity.


We’ll be adding our local meal numbers to those of over 90 other churches and collectively, the Church of Cincinnati will provide well over the 85,000 meals we provided last year. We’ll also be sending a record 3 shipping containers of food to our partners in South Africa.


You can be a part of our 19th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive by returning your box:


East Side

Anderson Center Park & Ride Lot on Five Mile Rd

Saturday, November 22, 4-6:30pm

Stay for food and family fun



Behind the Antique Mall located at Mall Rd and Heights Boulevard

Saturday, November 22, 4-5:30pm

Sunday, November 23, 8-11am



At Crossroads Mason (Mason Middle School) in the rear parking lot

Sunday, November 23, 7:30-11am



At the Crossroads Annex parking lot 

Saturday November 22, 2-7pm

Sunday, November 23, 7:30-11am


West Side

Behind Crossroads West Side on the track

Sunday, November 23, 8-11am


Note–we cannot accept boxes at any location at any other time than those listed above and all serving roles have been filled. 

Questions? Email us at


Local Box Shopping List:

Local boxes contain a complete Thanksgiving meal for 6-10 people:


- 1 F-R-O-Z-E-N turkey, 12-18 lbs

- 5-10 lbs baking potatoes or sweet potatoes

- 1-2 lbs carrots

- 2-3 cans corn

- 2-3 cans green beans

- 2-3 cans peas

- 2-3 cans peaches

- 2-3 cans pineapple 

- 2-3 cans fruit cocktail

- 2 boxes Stovetop Stuffing (or equivalent)

- 2 cans of canned cranberry sauce

- 1 package gravy mix

- 1 package dinner rolls or bread mix

- 1 package cake mix or dessert mix

- 1 Kool-Aid or lemonade mix

- 1 container ground coffee or tea bags

- 1 large disposable roasting pan (for the turkey)


Please make sure your turkey is frozen. Seriously. You should be able to bowl with it.



NO fresh, bloody turkeys (ick) – we MUST have frozen turkeys

NO items requiring refrigeration especially pies, eggs, milk and butter

NO alcohol


South Africa boxes should contain ONLY the items listed on the sticker on the box. For customs purposes, we must have exact product in exact quantity and exact size as described on the sticker.


Need some turkey love right now? Check out the 2013 recap video.