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Beans and Rice Week

Eat cheaply, give freely


2015 #beansandriceweek Total



Over the last three years, we’ve experimented by rearranging our eating habits and eating beans and rice for the span of seven days. The results have been incredible and our community has raised over $1.3 million for a number of fantastic organizations outside of Crossroads. Amazing.


Where the Money Is Going In 2015

All the cash goes to outside organizations busy changing the world. 


$100,000 toward Fighting Homelessness

City Gospel Mission helps the homeless and hurting in our city break the cycle of poverty and despair. We’re proud to partner with them in the fight against poverty throughout the year. This spring, they’re moving to a new location, expanding their services and their impact. We’re excited to help finish their capital campaign and enable them to move into their new facility. Learn more at


$100,000 toward Foster Care & Adoption

Kids in the foster care system are the most vulnerable in our city—60% of kids in sex slavery were part of the foster care system, 30% of homeless adults and 25% of prisoners were once foster children. Imagine, instead, they had a place to call home and a family to care for them. Coalition of Care fights for these kids and mobilizes Christ-followers to join them. Learn more at


$200,271.11 to Anti-Heroin Organizations

Heroin addiction is ravaging our communities. That is not OK. We took a swing at attacking this epidemic last year, but the problem is so big we’re investing again in great, local organizations who are on the front lines of the anti-heroin fight.


$63,000 toward Economic Development

OCEAN is the first independent faith-based accelerator in the U.S. and it’s located right here in our city. They believe community and faith play an important role in a successful startup business. Last year, OCEAN invited ten startup businesses to be part of their accelerator program—this year we’ll invest again to help spur business and economic growth in our community. Learn more at


Eating on the cheap is so much more fun when all your friends are doing it, too—and this is more than just a Crossroads’ thing. See the impact that a small community had in a few short days through #beansandriceweek on Instagram and Twitter.