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Beans and Rice Week

Eat cheaply, starting March 14-15


2014 #beansandriceweek Total



Over the last two years, we’ve experimented by rearranging our eating habits and eating beans and rice for the span of seven days. The results have been incredible and our community has raised over $870,000 for a number of fantastic organizations outside of Crossroads. Amazing.


For the third consecutive year, the beans are back. Beginning the weekend of March 7-8, you’ll begin hearing some context on the weekend and the hoopla will begin the week of March 16. We’ll be saving our cash by eating beans and rice, then investing that money in XXXX great efforts outside of Crossroads. If this is your first year or if you’d like to get inspired from a few sweet recipes, learn more here. If you have dietary restrictions, or maybe a pre-planned birthday dinner, then by all means do what makes sense for you.


How It Works

Include beans and rice on your shopping list. Tip: canned beans are easier to prepare since dry beans require soaking them for 24 hours. Eat beans and rice for as many meals the week of March 16, and save the cash you’d normally spend on food. The following weekend, you can give that cash in one of four ways:


- Write a check. Put “beans and rice” on the memo line and bring your check to service on March 21 & 22.

- Bring cash. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pile of fives or a crapload of dimes, you can hand it off in the service.

- Give (early) via computer. Go to Select “One-Time Gift” (you’ll be asked to log in), and select “Beans and Rice.”

- Give via smartphone or tablet. Go to and select “Beans and Rice.”


Where the Money Goes 

All the cash goes to outside organizations busy changing the world. 



Your To-Do List


1. Eat beans & rice for as many meals as you can the week of March 16, and save the cash you’d normally spend on food. If a typical lunch looks like a $7.50 sub from Jersey Mike’s, and one meal’s worth of beans & rice ends up costing you 25 cents, then you give the $7.25 difference for that meal. Repeat and continue throughout the week. This math is so simple, even musicians can do it.

2. Make this page part of your daily routine and check back for inspiration and family tips.

3. Give as you go OR save your cash throughout the week.


On March 21 & 22, we’ll pool our cash together during weekend services. And we’ll announce the total amount raised on March 28 & 29.


Eating on the cheap is so much more fun when all your friends are doing it, too—and this is more than just a Crossroads’ thing. Share your beans and rice experience and see the impact that a small community can have in a few short days:


- View, share recipes and give encouragement on our Facebook wall.

- Share your experience on Instagram by including #beansandriceweek with your photos.

- Share your experience on Twitter by including #beansandriceweek or @crdschurch.

- Email your mobile videos to

- You can also spend time connecting with God on a daily basis and get recipes throughout the week by subscribing to The Daily.

- Drag the below profile pic, newsfeed or cover image onto your desktop and promote it on your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts for the next couple weeks. 


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