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It's not a youth group. It's a movement.


Crossroads Student Movement (CSM) is where teens in junior and senior high connect with other teens and learn about God. It's not a youth group or cheesy entertainment; it's a movement to change the world through God's love, a social experiment to make our city and world a better place.


Try out our weekend get-togethers, and then see if you want to do more. You don't have to take out your nose ring. Just bring an open mind.


csmJR & SR = Saturday at 6:15pm

csmJR = Sunday at 10am
csmSR = Sunday at 11:45am

csmJR & SR = Sunday at 11am

By the way, we do more than meet at Crossroads on the weekends. There's always a trip or experiment in the works. If you've got questions about CSM, email Paul.

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